Hello! If you are on this page, you are probably wondering who the heck I am and why I am on the Internet. Fortunately for all of us (the Internet could be spared some crazies), I write this blog to spread my love for reading and writing. I want to share some awesome books with those who are interested in the same genres as I. And guess what? I do have some unpopular opinions. I don’t want to be the bad person on the Internet that copies everyone’s ideas and reads the same books as everyone else. That’s terribly boring, and I won’t put up with it. I know a lot of book bloggers who post TBR of the month and all that jazz, but what I’m trying to do here is a little different. I may read some books you’ve never heard of, which I believe to be fresh and exciting and new! Aren’t you sick of seeing all those same bestsellers on your feed, the ones that win all these fancy awards and are always praised by every gosh darn critic and will be eventually made into a blockbuster and placed on every bookshelf? Yes, these books are also great, but who’s to say you aren’t missing out on something great if you don’t explore and adventure a bit with your reading?? Please exit this page if you aren’t interested! I will go my own way, and you will go yours.

That said, let’s get started on this journey of ours.

Sure, I may only have like two readers, but I will give those two people the most fantastic material. I will always put quality before quantity.

Check out my “Contact” page if you have any questions!

Much love,


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