Review: Replica by Lauren Oliver

I’m back. This book did it. I have so many thoughts, I feel like my brain is going to explode. But first, I owe you all an explanation.

So many things have being going on in my life since the last time I updated this website. School started, and I got a job. But not having time is hardly an excuse, and I am sorry. Perhaps I will come back to all that later. Right now, though, I have a review for you guys.

I needed something to read, something to focus all my energy on and fully immerse myself in. One day while browsing the book aisle at Target (my favorite bookstores are too far away), a certain book cover caught my eye. It was this beauty right here.


So what’s interesting about this book is the upside down cover that probably caught your eye. Basically, the book is split in half. The same story is told from two different points of view. You read one and then flip the book to read the other.

It doesn’t matter which way you read it first; I read Lyra first. I have been wondering what my impression of the story would have been if I had read it from Gemma’s perspective first.

Gemma and Lyra are both characters I admire and fell in love with. They were written so beautifully I caught myself rereading certain parts.

Lyra has grown up in Haven, a “medical institute” where replicas are raised. They are essentially clones that have been created and the government has kept a secret. Replicas are made to be tested on, to research diseases and other medical advancements.

Lyra knows no other life; Haven is her life. Her and the other replicas are taught that they are not human and not important. They are treated like lab rats, and that is what they think they are.

When Haven catches on fire (and NOT by accident), Lyra finds out some secrets about her past that will change her life forever, and she meets people who strengthen and love her.

Despite being told her this her whole life, Lyra is not “just a replica.” She is special, just like all of us are. Someone once told me that I am not special, that nobody is special and we are all just here floating through the space-time continuum for no reason whatsoever, that everything I do is an impact from something physics caused, and that I am not important.

I’m important, Lyra’s important, and we’re all important.

Gemma has been lucky enough to grow up outside of Haven, but its secrets still haunt her past, present, and future. She winds up running away to uncover the truth, and what she finds is scarier than what she imagined.

Luckily for Gemma, she isn’t alone. Something I really love about reading is watching characters develop relationships and fall in love. It’s truly mesmerizing.

That’s why I am so happy to be back, because books are a blessing in a crazy, hectic and busy life.

Thank you guys for reading, if anyone’s still out there. I am planning on rereading¬†Pride and Prejudice¬†next, because I feel like my life needs that right now. I might make a post about it, and then after that I’ll be back on my feet reviewing all sorts of new and exciting books.

lots of love!!

p.s. I might be changing the name of this website very soon, so please stay tuned :)))