Hey guys! I’m really sorry that it’s been so long since I have posted, but I promise lots of reviews are going to start coming in. I’ve had a busy summer so far, but I have been making lots of time to read, and my little break is over.

Today, I wanted to make a special blog post about the wonderful Percy Jackson and the Olympians.IMG_9658

It’s an incredible five-book series by Rick Riordan, and I award the novels each five stars.


Just like Harry Potter, these books don’t feel like they’re aimed for a younger audience at all. I think people of all ages would enjoy them.

I remember reading the first book, The Lightning Thief, when I was very young. However,  I didn’t pick up the whole series until recently! It only took me a week or two to read all five books (I was out of state, all right?!), and I was glued to the pages from the start.

To begin, they’re highly educational books without seeming like it. I feel that I know an adequate amount of Greek mythology. When I was reading something completely unrelated and a Greek name came up, I immediately knew Hephaestus was the god of blacksmiths and fires!

While I’ve always found Greek mythology to be utterly fascinating, Rick Riordan took it to a whole new level. He took these old myths, which you might recognize in everyday sayings, and applied them to the modern world we live in today. It was refreshing, satisfying, and hilarious.

Percy Jackson will never grow old.

If you somehow don’t know how the first book starts off, don’t worry. Here’s a short summary written by yours truly:

Percy Jackson is just an ordinary boy with an ADHD problem and a hatred for his stepdad. He’s constantly kicked out of school for causing trouble. Him and his best friend, Grover, are on a field trip for school when things go wrong, and his math teacher turns out to be a monster.

Then Percy ends up at Camp Half Blood, where he finds out he is a demigod. The father he never met is a Greek god, and his mother is a mortal. Grover turns out to be a satyr (half human, half goat), and his ADHD is just his battle senses. He even meets a new friend, Annabeth.

However, things are not well in Olympus. Someone has stolen Zeus’s master lightning bolt, and it’s up to Percy to find it.

It might sound corny, but this series is amazing and one I will never forget. Even as a high schooler, I feel that I’ve learned some valuable life lessons from Percy Jackson. I can’t get into detail of the other four books without spoiling The Lightning Thief, but I highly recommend all my readers read the whole series.

In order, the books are:

The Lightning Thief

The Sea of Monsters

The Titan’s Curse

The Battle of the Labyrinth

The Last Olympian

Truly, I found Percy Jackson to be educational and entertaining. It made me laugh, cry, and scream. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, and Rick Riordan surely knows how to rock a plot twist.

Stay tuned for some more reviews. 🙂