Review: The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas

How do you feel after finishing a book you’ve been reading for a while? Emotional? Angry? Sad? Happy? Relieved? How about all of those at once? That’s how I felt after I finished The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas.



Admittedly, I opened up the prequel with low expectations. Novellas usually don’t do it for me. Boring, stupid, pointless, and nonsense are some words I typically use to describe them. However, I was in for a shock after the first chapter of The Assassin’s Blade, prequel to the Throne of Glass series containing five novellas. If you haven’t already, read my review here.

Altogether, I found the stories fun, entertaining, brutal, true, and interconnected. If you aren’t a fan of the series, you probably won’t understand well. Celaena is working at the Assassin’s Guild as Adarlan’s Assassin under Arobynn Hamel. He sends her on a mission, and since it’s Celaena, chaos breaks lose.

We all know and read about Celaena’s love for Sam, another member of the Guild, and this is where we finally get to meet him. My heart was smashed to a pulp like it was put through a blender. Maas showed us how their love came to be, and, tragically, how it ended. The book brought us right to the beginning of Throne of Glass, where Celaena was a slave in the salt mines. It also told a story of what happened in between and how everything came to be.

I was amazed at the connections to the series. Amazed.

Either Maas’s memory is inhuman or she read through the series again to remember even the faintest details (like Celaena throwing a knife at Lysandra!).

I’m not sure if I’ve read a better adventure story in a while, from pirates to saving lives to freeing slaves to falling in love.

Something I believe is that throughout life you will fall in and out of love many times with many people, because love grows and changes. I am so happy to say the Throne of Glass series supports that belief; Celaena has had lots of love and loss. Lots of books nowadays base their plots on the idea of soulmates, and the main characters usually only fall in love once. I love Maas for this.

She’s also super real, and Celaena has real life woman problems. I love when books include small details like going to the bathroom, because it’s reality.

Throughout reading An Assassin’s Blade, I laughed, shouted, and nearly cried.

So obviously I recommend it to all of you.

Thank you for reading! Please share with a fellow book-lover.

All the love,

Letslovebooks. ❤

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