Review: Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen


Disclaimer: My mom picked up this book for me from the library, so I couldn’t get a nice picture of it without the scanner thing making it look crappy. Sorry!

I know, Sarah Dessen books are mainly a middle schooler thing (at least, they were for me; I’ve mostly read at a more advanced level), but when I heard she wrote a new one, I was like, “alright, I’ll read it.”

Sarah Dessen’s books usually consist of a very similar plotline to John Green’s. You know- the quirky girl with strange habits doesn’t realize she’s falling in love with the strangely hot quirky guy?

I mean, really, there was a character in here with a french fry addiction- doesn’t that sound like something John Green would fabricate?

But in all honesty, it was a good book to read- if you’re in the mood for something that doesn’t take much effort to read.

It’s the sort of book you might want to lazily pick up at the beach, because who wants to read something chock full of different ways to analyze when they’re on vacation?

Sappy romance at its finest is what I’d overall call this novel, so I decided to give it two and a half stars.


Let me give you a rundown synopsis. Sydney (such a boring book character name) has a brother who recently went to jail. He almost killed a kid from driving drunk, but instead crippled him. Sydney feels all guilty but her mom doesn’t. Sydney then decides to be stupidly rash and transfers schools (because, you know, being around her friends during a sad time wouldn’t help at all, would it?). So here you go, a lonely girl with no friends sitting in a pizza shop meets her new best friend, who has a french fry obsession, Layla and an coincidentally hot brother, Mac.

Guaranteed you can already predict the entire rest of the book.


And yeah, that’s pretty annoying, but sometimes we all need to read something that doesn’t require an actual brain. It was entertaining at least.

I liked it because it had some good romance. I disliked it because I knew what was going to happen.

I will be going back to some more difficult level books soon, I promise. My mom gave me the new Rupa Sepetys book in my Easter basket. Did you guys get any new reads for Easter?

Sorry for being a huge jerk to Sarah Dessen in this review! I mean, her books are great for middle schoolers. Plus, she tweeted something today that I really respected. I know it’s a bit irrelevant, but it made me like her even more.


As a writer, I think it’s very important to feel confident in your own writings and not let the public meddle into your mind.

I’m going to leave it at that. Have a nice rest of your night, and feel free to chat in the comments.

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