Review: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas


Being a 645 page book, the fourth installment of the Throne of Glass series, aesthetically titled Queen of Shadows, took quite a while to read. However, also being part of an incredible series, it wasn’t so bad.

Queen of Shadows is a brutal fight for vengeance and victory. It’s bloody and filled with beautiful gore. Most of all, it has a NEARLY happy ending.

I think what stuck out most to me from this book was the even further development of relationships between the characters. Maas had this fantastic idea from the start, and while I do think she spoiled parts of the series (perhaps a result of a harried deadline?), I also think she has a rare talent for creating real characters. These people- I feel a deep connection with them, and I think that’s pretty hard to find in a book.

While I applaud Maas for those details, I decided on giving Queen of Shadows three stars. 3-stars

Some parts were just simply too boring and hard to get through.

I noted about three parts that stuck out to me for having some effective suspense and good plot, as well as some killer lines and gorgeous chapters. Other than that, I often felt my eyes starting to glaze over. And, if you’ve read my post from yesterday, I took a break to read The Wizard of Oz!

Overall, I wasn’t entirely pleased with the fourth book in my most current obsession, but I will be reading The Assassin’s Blade and Empire of Storms. I think I heard she’s going to write seven total books in the series (and that includes the prequel, The Assassin’s Blade, so technically 6), but I’m not entirely sure what else she can really do with the series. It seemed to me like she wrapped it up for the most part (although it took her wayyyyyy too many pages to do that).

I can’t believe this book bored me, and I’m sorry to you big fans out there, but it did. I’m not even ashamed, because I still really enjoy the whole creative plan of the story. It just seems to further prove my point that most books in a series don’t live up to the first in the series.

Once again, it would be hard to go too far into depth about the book and the synopsis without spoiling everything for you all.

I’ll just say that I really like Asterin now, and I’m not keen on calling Celaena Aelin! I also think she changed a lot from the first book, which, depending on how you view it, could be good or bad. I’d say it’s pretty good.

Her and Rowan are my OTP.

Before I wrap this up, I have one last thing to say: LYSANDRA THOUGH.

I know I bashed it a bit with the review, but I did enjoy giving Queen of Shadows a read. You should too.

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Much love!!

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