The Wizard of Oz

Hello from the girl who spent the first day of spring indoors reading because it’s snowing.

You guys know I’ve been binge-reading the Throne of Glass series, but today Queen of Shadows was being really boring so I picked up The Wizard of Oz, the original story by L. Frank Baum.

In total it only took me around an hour to read.

My first thoughts were that it was a beautifully arranged story with genius elements of magic. I absolutely love the whole idea; the movie has always fascinated me, and my school performed it last year.

When I finished the book, though, I started thinking about how different it was from the movie. My rule for myself is to always read the book BEFORE the movie to prevent this type of anger, but I’m pretty sure every child is introduced to the movie.

First of all, DOROTHY’S SLIPPERS AREN’T EVEN RED. What the heck???? They’re actually silver.

Second, IT WAS NOT A DREAM. In the book, Dorothy actually went to the land of Oz and lived the story.

Third, the film added characters like Mrs. Gulch, Hunk, Hickory, Zeke, and Professor Marvel. That’s right, they weren’t in the book whatsoever.

Lastly, the book had some pretty important things that the film did not. There was the town made completely of China and the Hammer-Heads. Also, I noticed there was a lot more backstory, which was something I truly enjoyed. I have a newfound love for the Flying Monkeys.

I can’t remember if this happens at the end of the film or not, but the Cowardly Lion became the King of the Forest, the Tin Woodman became the King of the Winkies, and the Scarecrow became the King of Emerald City.

Also, the great lying Wizard of Oz gave them their wishes in different ways than he did in the movie. For example, the Scarecrow got a fake brain instead of a PhD. I thought it was still pretty neat.

As someone who reads a lot of fairy-tale retellings, like Dorothy Must Die, I can finally see where the authors are coming from.

Of course, I don’t want to spoil much for you guys. This isn’t an actual review, just something I thought I’d share. You should read the book if you get the chance; it’s very short and entertaining. I bought it for about two dollars just because my book collection needed to be fed, but I’m sure you can find it for free at any library. 🙂

Hopefully spring is bringing you more lovely weather than it’s bringing me. I can’t believe it’s snowing! I wasn’t that sad to spend my day indoors reading and listening to some records, though.

Let me know your thoughts, and as always, thanks for reading!

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