Guys! I am so excited!! If you’ve followed me for a while, you know how much I fangirled over Red Queen and if not, click the link and read that review or else you’ll be lost.

I absolutely love Victoria Aveyard! She is an incredible author, and I can tell she’s going to be as big as Suzanne Collins, if she isn’t already considered so.

So I was actually with my mom at Target when she bought my copy of Glass Sword, but it was my Valentine’s Day gift so I wasn’t allowed to start it until Sunday. Today’s Tuesday, and I finished it around noon (my school was cancelled due to the weather).

Anywho, look at the gorgeous cover. I could just stare at the book for ages. It also looks incredibly beautiful on my shelf next to Red Queen and Cruel Crown. I cannot wait until Aveyard writes the third novel in the series (will it be a trilogy? I’m not sure).

I gave Red Queen five stars, and I have been agonizing over this all afternoon, but I’m sadly going to have to give its fantastic sequel four and a half…four and a half stars

As a reviewer, I really shouldn’t feel bad about the ratings I give!

If you haven’t read Red Queen or my review on it I’ll give you a quick update before I go into the summary of Glass Sword and talking in depth about it (yup, this post will probably end up being the length of a short novel!). So basically, the world is divided into two people- those with Red blood and those with Silver blood. Silvers have awesome magical abilities, and Reds are usually workers. Mare Barrow, the heroine of the story, is a Red by blood and a Silver by ability.  She has the power to create lightning and electricity.

Just so you know, this is NOT supposed to happen by the government’s standards!

When the palace realizes Mare’s talent, they basically make her pretend to be engaged to the prince Maven.

Prince Maven is evil, but we didn’t discover that until the end of Red Queen, when he and his mother, Queen Elara, made his older prince brother, Cal, kill his dad.

That’s crazy, right? I loved it.

Now that you’re all caught up, I can get into the juicy bits of Glass Sword. When the book starts, Mare, her not-dead brother Shade, and Cal are on an underground train of sorts, with Captain Farley of the Scarlet Guard, the rebel group. They’re on their way to safety.

Mare has with her a lengthy list of names. All of these people are just like her- red blooded with Silver abilities. Mare and her fellas spend the majority of the novel searching for the people, named “Newbloods.”

One of the first Newbloods Mare and Cal recruited was Ada, my new favorite character. I mean, her ability is so awesome! She remembers every sentence, every word, every detail she reads. That means she can learn a language within hours. Imagine how helpful that would be…

The crew also discovers people with abilities like controlling gravity and sound.

Altogether, they formed a pretty deathly army.

The whole book is kind of centered around the idea that Mare will either turn evil or not.

If I am a sword, I am a sword made of glass, and I feel myself beginning to shatter.”

So there’s that.

Aveyard did a fantastic job at writing the sequel to the crazy story she created. I fell in love all over again, and it also brought lots of feels. Like  screaming”ARE YOU SERIOUS?”  in your head of course, because it’s like one in the morning and your family is asleep and you should probably be asleep too but you’re determined to finish the book. Yeah.

Maybe I was just tired, but I found the beginning hard to get into. I was like, “oh dear, it’s going to be that kind of thing.” Like, call me crazy, but Mockingjay, the third and last Hunger Games novel by Suzanne Collins WAS SO BORING TO ME.

I’m so glad I got through the boring part. Although, I could probably reread it and not get bored.

I was also worried I would find a lot of cliches. Like here’s yet another dystopian-ish book about a messed up government and a rebellion, right? But there was none of that crap. It was an honest, good read.

I think all of my readers would like it, so I recommend it to  you cuties, any age!

With the way the epilogue ended, I have an idea of what the next book will entail, but I’m still pretty nervous and curious to see what will happen!

By the way, it was 440 pages long and felt like 100. I am left craving more of this captivating idea. My mind is just boggled at how Aveyard came up with the plotline. It must have taken her forever to give each character their special ability and a super-cool name as well.

That’s another thing I love about this book series: the character names. I mean, Mare, Shade, Gisa, Farley, Calore? Those must have taken some severe thinking on the author’s part.

Thank you for readingggggggggg!heart

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