Review: The Selection by Kiera Cass

¡Hola! Este libro es muy bien. 🙂 

Translation? This book was totally worth 5 stars!! 

I know, I’ve been giving them out too much lately! But this one is an older novel I’m pretty sure everyone has read because I’ve seen it at every bookstore for at least years. You’ve definitely heard of it. I’m sorry for being so behind and only starting it now!

Title: The Selection

(Book one of the selection series)

Author: Kiera Cass

Page count: 326

A short summary, just because you guys definitely know what The Selection is about. 

Basically, a totally normal girl called America Singer, who is what they call a “Five,” signs up for the Selection. It’s basically a pool of girls, and 35 of them are selected to court the prince. Of course, only one will marry Prince Maxon, and he gets to choose her. 

I think it’s a cool concept, but it’s nothing that I have never heard of. 

Let me explain their world more. It’s super duper far into the future, after the made up Fourth world war. They’re ranked by class in numbers, eight being the worst and one being the best. Since America is a Five, she’s a musician. 

Hopefully that was detailed enough to get you up to date if you haven’t picked up this lovely book. 

I think the thing I loved most was the peek into America’s previous life with her loving family before she was Selected (that’s not a spoiler, right? Why else would the book be about her if she wasn’t selected). Music just fascinates me, and although I couldn’t hear America play, I could just tell she was talented. 

Strange name, right, America? Think about that. She lives in a country called Illéa, right where the U. S. A. used to be. 

Prince Maxon is also a cool fella. I’d definitely fall for him. Not Aspen, though. But I’m sure a lot of you go crazy over Aspen. Comment below who you like more! I want to hear from you ladies and gents who have read The Selection. 

I’m getting off topic, but I also want to hear how you think I can improve this blog. Obviously I would like a huge book nerd, but I want to expand this beautiful online place we’ve all created. 

Back to the book! Thank goodness I bought the sequel to The Selection, The Elite, because the ending was such a bad cliffhanger. I was unsatisfied and immediately started the next book in the series (review up soon, and that’s a promise you can take to my grave). 

The cover art is also splendid, isn’t it?

Kiera Cass truly is a talented author, and I would pay some good money to read more of her works. I loved the way she added artistic detail to the story and made it pretty. She didn’t TRY to make it pretty, she just did. And that’s such an incredible thing, if you ask me. I hope to do that someday if I ever publish a book or any of my writings. 

The plot line was a page-turned. I actually finished The Selection in a few hours. It wasn’t too lengthy, which I think is good for a change. 

I’m starting to get really tired, guys, so I’m sorry but that’ll have to be it for today. I can’t think of much else to say except everyone should read it! There wasn’t any bad language or inappropriate behavior from what I can remember. You could read The Selection to a toddler. 

Overall, I’m happy I picked up the book and never set it down. 

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