Review: The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton

I’m back with another review! It feels like it’s been a while, because I have been super busy. But today I have a fantastic book you guys MUST read.

Crown Publishing sent me an ARC of The Quality of Silence.

Page count: 286

And here’s what the cover looks like:


Doesn’t the book look so cozy with all the blankets??

The Quality of Silence takes place in the harsh winter of Alaska. When Yasmin, mother to a deaf ten-year-old named Ruby, is told that her husband, Matt, is dead, she sets off on a journey to find him, despite what the police say- in the middle of a deathly arctic storm. The conditions are nowhere safe for a woman and daughter to be driving a truck in, but they push nonetheless. The story grows more and more gripping and terrifying as they discover there is somebody following them.

Even I got frightened and shivered while reading the novel in the safety of my warm home by the fireplace with blankets and tea!

The chapters each had parts told from Yasmin’s point of view as well as Ruby’s. My favorite parts were the ones Ruby narrated. One of the most interesting things, for me, about the book were Ruby’s tweets. She grew to be quite the Twitter-famous young girl, tweeting words that she felt her own voice couldn’t speak, as she struggled to talk without sign-language.

I’ll show you an example just because you might think it’s awesome.

EXCITEMENT: Tastes like popping space dust; feels like the thud-bump as a plane lands; looks like the big furry hood of Dad’s Inupiaq parka.“- page 1 of The Quality of Silence, Rosamund Lupton

Doesn’t Rosamund Lupton have the most incredible voice? Reading her book was like sinking into a hot bath… and then jumping back out again when your favorite character is in danger! I thought she did a wonderful job of executing the task of writing from a deaf tween girl’s point of view.

I love Ruby so much! Yasmin’s cool and all too, but Ruby holds a special place in my heart.

I couldn’t really find much I didn’t like about the book! For the last thirty or so pages, I kept getting annoyed, but you’ll have to figure out why yourself. I’m not really sure why it took me so long to get to reading it! Once I got sucked in, I finished it pretty quickly. Yesterday I was on my couch for a solid couple hours absorbed in the Alaskan world.

I also found it super interesting learning more about sign-language. I’ve always wanted to be able to speak it, and Ruby taught me some cool signs along the way. She also knows lots of random but good-to-know facts.

Overall, I give The Quality of Silence


It was pretty darn good, but I wouldn’t exactly say worthy of the full five! I recommend the book to everyone, all ages. There’s nothing bad or sexual in it, which was really nice.

I’m going to wrap this review up so I don’t take up any more of your time! Thanks for reading! As always, please like, comment, follow, and share the link to your friends! I appreciate it.

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