Review: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Here’s one I didn’t really like as much as the others.


The summary is something I am going to keep short and sweet: there’s an alien apocalypse.

It’s mostly about a sixteen year-old, named Cassie, whose main goal is to find her little brother, Sammy, after they are torn apart by alien leaders (is that what alien’s call their leaders?). Along the way, OF COURSE she meets a super hot guy (I honestly cannot wait to see him in the movie coming out January 22nd). There’s also a narrator change for every “part,” which is more often than you expect when you’re all cozy in bed absorbed in the book. The other narrator dude is Ben Parish, Cassie’s crush back before the 1st Wave, and of course he has his own love interest. Come to think of it, I never actually learned the poor girl’s name. I’m calling her “Ringer” right now in my head. She is excellent at shooting. Not that it’s relevant.

Are you wondering what the aliens look like and why they want to kill everyone? Are you thinking there is a spectacular answer to those questions?



Both Cassie and Ben are seeing different sides of this apocalypse, which I found interesting. It helped to move the plot along, and I loved the way everything tied together at the end.

There was also some nice details in there, especially in the part where Cassie falls in love with the hunky soft-handed Evan Walker. He is my fictional boyfriend, not yours, so nobody gets him but me. You do not get Evan Walker. You can have Ben if you want.

Page count: 457

the 5th wave

I took a lot of notes when I was reading this, mostly at the beginning. I had decided that Rick Yancey has absolutely no clue how a teenage girl thinks. Cassie did have a unique voice, though, I’ll give him that one. Not much else was written down in my notes about the author, though.

The first page hooked me. It’s better than the writing in the rest of the book. I guarantee if you pick up a copy of The 5th Wave, you will be mesmerized by the first page.

Sometimes I was confused throughout my reading of the novel. I don’t even have more words to explain my confusion; I was just confused. Does that explain how confusing I found it? Or are you confused now, too? Confusion.

Yes, I do realize how scattered this is. Please bear with me.

I liked how Cassie compared humans to stupid dogs at the beginning (you’ll realize what I’m talking about once you get to that part). Sometimes I feel the same exact way, Cassie.

I wonder what aliens are actually like. This book kinda make you think about weird stuff like that. You might start believing in aliens if you do not already. I told everyone the Mothership is coming for us, and they looked at me like I’m CRAAAZY until they saw what book I was carrying.

However, I found The 5th Wave to be VERY predictable. The book was mediocre for something the media is all hyped up about. I expected something mind-blowing after seeing how much of a big deal it was all over the Internet, but instead, the “plot twist” did not twist me at all! I knew it was going to happen; it was obvious to me and a surprise that others were not seeing that coming.

Something I did find wedged between those 457 pages was a metaphor for World War II, and maybe I am crazy for thinking that. The 5th Wave had death camps. Sound familiar? And I think it will be obvious that the aliens are a metaphor for the Germans during that time period.

I liked the metaphor, and I liked the tension between all the steamy love interests. The ending? Well, I was expecting something big. So maybe I am missing a piece here, but the ending was not at all how you should end a book.


As you can probably see, I’m a bit torn about this! Half of the thing’s I’ve said are things I liked, and half are things that sucked. Two and a half stars seemed like a nice middle point for me. Argue if you wish! I love arguing over books. 🙂

I have some sort of a special interpretation of all five waves, so in case you’re interested…

1st: An electromagnetic pulse that left the world with no power (lights, cars, nada)

2nd: A huge tsunami that took out everyone living near a coast

3rd: A plague that will kill you if you aren’t immune

4th: Aliens going around shooting those few who are left

5th: This is where it gets complicated. Read the book if you want to find out!

That guide’s pretty helpful while reading.

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Happy reading, fellas!

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