Review: Wreck and Order by Hannah Tennant-Moore

Yesterday, I had a package in the mail from Penguin Ransom, and I was really happy to open it and find this ARC.  I’ve kind of been nonstop reading it, and just now I read the last page. So many thoughts on it…


First off, what’s it about?

A young woman, Elsie, is stuck in the world like just about every other young woman {one of my first observations was how RAW her voice was}. She’s just come back from an awful trip to Paris, her choice to go instead of college, and met this alcoholic troll of a man. I hate Jared. Hate hate hate him. But for some reason Elsie loved him. Throughout reading this book, I kept cringing at all the bad choices Elsie made. I found myself talking to her: “NO, don’t go back to him again!” Elsie’s severely depressed, and she realizes it, except deals with it in the WORST way possible. I’m not sure what the author was aiming for here, to be honest. Probably the best part of the novel is when she up and goes backpacking in Sri Lanka. I fell in love with her newest best friend, Suriya. Suriya was the sweetest girl ever and deserved the best. She was my favorite character in the book. I struggled with Elsie, and her character sometimes made me uncomfortable.

What was great about Wreck and Order is the traveling. Hannah Tennant-Moore used fantastic descriptions and a wide vocabulary, especially in Sri Lanka. I wonder if she’s been there for the fantastic way she seemed to know the third-world country. Politics were a big part of it, and her views were fresh. It’s hard not to offend anyone with topics like that, but I would say she’s done a pretty good job, especially for her first novel.

Again, I don’t want to spoil anything, so hopefully I am not being too vague.

I suppose you could say she ALMOST finds herself by the end, but the last chapter wasn’t too great for me.  You would expect some sort of answer at the end of this type of book, but only half an answer was provided from what I understand.

However, reading this book was entertaining, or I wouldn’t have been able to read all 300 pages in under 24 hours. Elsie is intelligent, no matter what dumb decisions she makes. I understand that makes absolutely no sense, but I guess you’ll find out if you read the book. To be brutally honest, I wouldn’t recommend it to many people unless you’re older (I know a lot of my followers are teens, as am I).

Overall, I’d have to give Wreck and Order three stars.


I’m going to have a review for Coming Home by Rosamunde Pitcher up soon, so stay tuned!

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