Review: Repulsion by Jeroen Steenbeeke


OH MY GOSH! I loooooooove this book. It almost has five stars, because I found it amazing yet I wasn’t completely satisfied.

*****Note: Repulsion is also an ARC, sent to me by Periselene Entertainment. It comes out on December 28th, so you should read it then. It is Book One of the Unbound Series.:)******


Genre: Teen/YA, SciFi, Fantasy

Repulsion starts off with the main character, Thymen, as a normal teenager who struggles to wake up in the mornings and whose sole hobby is playing video games with his best friend, Rob. He even has a crush on a certain unforgettable blue-haired girl named Karen.

As they’re at school, they notice a man in a business suit who seems to be stalking them… But they don’t pay much attention to him.

By the way, this story takes place in the Netherlands.

I guess there is some sort of holiday there called Queen’s Day. Thymen scored a date with Karen to go to a Queen’s Day party with Rob and his girl, Sarah.  Before Thymen knew what was happening, he was kissing Karen. And before either of them knew what was happening, they both emitted a great force, like telekinesis, that knocked each other off their feet.

Okay, at this point, I was like, “I should probably think this is pretty lame, but somehow, it isn’t.”  Jeroen Steenbeeke has an INCREDIBLE voice, and he did a fantastic job on these characters. I mean, I haven’t read anything lately with characters so sharp and clear (except Coming Home, because I’m going to marry that book).

I promise not to ever spoil a book, so I must cut this summary short. All I can say is Thymen and Karen may not have complete control over their new powers. Besides telekinesis, they can FLY. How cool is that?

Ahhhh, I’m in love with this story and I absolutely must read the rest of the series.

Something I did notice while reading this is how FAST I read it. This book was super short, and I think it would have been better if there was more detail and longer chapters.

All-in-all, Repulsion is going places, and all of my readers must check it out.

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