Review: The Spirit Trap


****Note: This book is an ARC, and it is coming out on December 11th.****

ARC= Advanced Reader’s Copy, sent to me by the publishing company to review before it comes out.

Author: Veryan Williams-Wynn

Publisher: Lodestone Books

Genre: Teen/YA, Paranormal fiction


The Spirit Trap is a beautiful story woven with spirits, mystery, and even a twinge of love. When fourteen year old Tatiana’s grandmother dies, leaving a portrait of their ancestor, Isabella, and her ashes in her possession, strange things start to happen. She becomes fascinated, and frankly, obsessed, with the French Revolution, the time period in which Isabella lived and died. Through paranormal occurrences, Tatiana discovers she must find Isabella’s spirit and free her, for she still believes she is alive. Marcus and Tatiana then embark on a journey from Britain to France involving a visit to the catacombs.

While reading this, I couldn’t help but get the feeling it was geared towards a younger audience. That aside, I enjoyed the “flashbacks” into the French Revolution Tatiana endured, in which she was her past self. Much of this story involved the idea of reincarnation, but it did not seem fussy and unrealistic as I thought. This was a believable ghost story. Whenever Tatiana’s grandmother spoke to her, I was convinced ghosts were real!

However, I do have some criticisms. Some of the characters were severely undeveloped. I didn’t know much about Tatiana besides the fact she gets scared easily and developed a crush. We never did find out an ending between her and Marcus.

It was also easy to become confused, especially if you didn’t know much about the French Revolution to begin with.

One character I absolutely loved was Tatiana’s grandfather, who she stayed with in France while looking for Isabella’s ghost. He was just that old man with wonderful stories to tell and a big heart. The love between him and his late wife, Natasha, was clear.

I would recommend this book when it comes out to anybody who likes reading paranormal fiction. This was the first paranormal novel I’ve read, and it was not all unbelievable.  I think it may have been this author’s first book, as well, so I commend her.


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